Award Winning RDNS Education & Learning Centre

As RDNS responds to the health care needs of our community, the RDNS Education & Learning Centre focuses on providing the highest quality clinical and non-clinical professional development training to support these needs. The foundation of the curricula as designed by RDNS Education is built on both state and federal government National Health Priority Areas and the latest research in the healthcare industry and organisational culture. In addition, the scheduled calendar presents both preventative and responsive training for health care professionals.

We are committed to providing education of excellence to ensure that our workforce development and clinical practice is based on the latest evidence and recognised as best practice. As well as supporting RDNS staff, we also provide education and training to external agencies on a fee for service basis. This can either be done by joining us at RDNS as per the scheduled calendar or requesting education tailored to your specific organisation or group needs.

Clinical Professional Development Training 

RDNS offers a large suite of clinical training topics including: wounds, medicines and diabetes to name a few. Follow the link to view our clinical professional development in health care topics or for more detail on learning objectives and session overviews, navigate to the Courses tab and search by subject matter or individual courses.

 Leadership: Self & Others

The Learning Centre's award winning Leadership and Management courses are aimed at those who lead staff or are seen as part of a leadership group. RDNS believes that Self Leadership Development training is an important asset to acquire for those working in the health care sector. Self Leadership courses are aimed at and intended for all health professionals from Care Aides to  Administration staff, Nurses to Nurse Leaders. 

Accredited Training

RDNS a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #5060) our focus is on accredited training for community, residential and aged care professionals and carers. In addition to these professional competencies RDNS facilitates: Provide First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis competencies aimed at anyone seeking the skills to assist another in times of unexpected emergency. To book a First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis for your school, business, council, social group or sporting group please contact us. 

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